 Paper, Paint
 Pens, Glue
 Scissors

How to make:

 Create a wishing tree using the children’s hand prints by getting them to print their hands onto a

piece of paper or if paint is not available simply draw round their hands and decorate

 Make a tree trunk using brown paint and paper and then the hands become the leaves on the tree

 On each of the hands get the children to think about something that they want to do while they’re

on holiday this could be a sport they want to play or a place they want to see

 Display the tree in the Kids’ Club so they can see their wishes


How to Make a Macaroni Necklace - Meteor Live GlobeEquipment:

 Different kinds of macaroni
 Paint
 Brushes
 A piece of string

How to make:

 Paint the macaroni in different colours
 put them on the string and make a nice necklace

Equipment: Paints
 Paper
 Scissors
 Glue

How to make:
There are lots of animal pictures which can be very effectively achieved using handprints: Crab – Make twoprints with hands pointing in opposite directions and heels of palms slightly overlapping (thumbs pointingdown). Use a finger to print two “stalks” for eyes and the pad of thumb to print claws. Draw a smile and eyeswith a black felt tip.Peacock – For a huge group peacock, get each child to make a few prints of their hand with paint, and then cutthem out once dry. Create a peacock with them by sticking them onto another large piece of paper in a bigfan shape. Draw and cut out a body and legs and stick them onto the fan.

Ostrich – Use 2 or 3 cut out hand prints to make the feathery body of an ostrich then draw on a long neck,head and legs. Other animals that can be used are turtles, crabs, camels, elephants and butterflies. Handprints also make great wings for insects and leaves for trees. They also make great fairy or angel wings. A footprint makes a great animal face too.

Kara's Classroom: A-Z Handprint Art | Handprint art, Handprint crafts ...


 Roll of paper
 Coloured paper
 Crayons

How to make:

 Make a display of children’s hands with their names
 This can either be done with hand printing or drawing round their hands and then colouring it
 They could draw a picture of their favourite sport, their family or just patterns. When they have
been cut out, stick them on a large roll of paper and get the children to sign underneath their hand
 You can make this look as bright or decorative as you like. You could make a huge frame to go round
the prints using pasta and then spraying it gold or silver
 Each time a new child comes make sure they do a handprint and sign their name. If you have a few older children, ask them to help the younger ones to draw round their hands



 Plain T-Shirts
 Fabric Paint

How to make:

 Get the children to draw a design on a plain T-shirt of their size
 templates are available Hotelants.com
 Images that we do not have the copyright to such as Disney, Pixar , Hello Kitty are not allowed
 Once the drawing is complete the children can then paint it



 Lolly pop sticks and/or strong card
 Paints
 Coloured paper
 Glitter, beads or anything to decorate

How to make:

 Get the children to cut out a piece of card just bigger than the size of a normal photograph.
They then make a frame by sticking on lolly pop sticks or strips or card (remember to allow a  slit at one side for the photo to slide in
 They can then decorate their frame with paints, coloured paper, using mosaic or however they like


 Empty plastic bottles with lids
 Paints/paper & Anything else to decorate

How to make:

 Children decorate bottles as they like or as part of a theme, e.g. animals with googly eyes or in
favourite football team colours
 Partially fill them with water and put lids on
 Set up skittles and let children bowl at them using a tennis ball



 Paper, Glue
 Scissors

How to make:

 Fold the paper in half, length ways

 Cut slits in the paper along the folded seam

 Unfold the paper and then Roll the paper gently width ways

 Glue the two edges together




 Card of various colours

 Crayons, Pens and pencils

 Sequins, glitter and arts and craft materials

How to make

 Fold some card in half into the shape of a card or cut to the size of a post card

 Using different art and crafts material ask the children to design it

 Children can be creative by making the card different sizes and shapes



 Paper

 Paints

How to make:

 Give each child a piece of paper. Fold the paper in half and open it out again

 The children then paint shapes or a simple picture on one side of the paper. Before the paint dries

they fold the paper over again and press it down firmly

 When it is opened up there should be a clear mirror image

 Once dry, they could use a felt tip pen to ‘complete’ their painting, e.g. if it looks like butterfly wings,

add the body and antenna, or if it looks like a monster, add scary eyes and mouth


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