Operations Terms & Conditions

Entertainment & Staff operations 

All our Entertainments programs are designed and adapted to each property or structures that needs to entertain their holidays makers. If you wish to see a example of our plannings feel free to contact our Hotelants Teams. If you wish to get a pre-made pack you can click here.

The Staff (entertainers & Chief Entertainers) we call them Ants & Ants Colonels, 
They are trained every start of the season and briefed before departures about the wishes of our client and/or Customers. 
The HR team is available 24/24 – 7/7h by e-mail & phone. 
If one of our overseas staff member is temporary out of work for more then 72 hours*.
We do provide a replacement inorders to have a smooth cooperation with our third parties. 

Hotelants Academy 

Our Hotelants Academy is part of the recruitment strategy.
After our recruitment campaigns we do have a five – days training course with different topics such as:

* Incident & Accident reactions 
* Kids awareness 
* Health and safety in tourism industry
* Pro Relations with hoteliers & Professionals actors of tourism
* Programmatic & Shows 
* NPS & Satisfaction cores 
* Company Guidelines & Code of conduct
* Sports and Arts and Crafts 


Unique creativity & Eco friendly 

Every day is an important day to create memories but if you can add an extra-Ecological atmosphere than you reach nearly the perfection. That’s one of the most important objective within the Hotelants Group. 

Animation Departements 
– Childcare
– Daytime/Evening Time 
– PR/Contact 
– Showtimes 
Type of animation services  
*Teen & Adults programs 
*PR & Social Media anims 
*Pro Coaches 
*Evening shows 

Get your animation team ready for your next season : info@hotelants.com


Hotelants Senior Entertainment Services offer. 

Hotelants provide an unique entertainment experiences to residents & seniors resorts.This unique experience is only available in Belgium (BENELUX). This services is supported by formed employees. 
All information regarding activity, price or health and safety: 
Please contact info@Hotelants.com