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Entertainment & Staff operations 

At Hotelants, we understand that every property and structure has its own unique entertainment needs. That’s why we offer customized entertainment programs that are tailored to each of our clients. To see a sample of our plans, simply reach out to our expert team. For your convenience, we also offer pre-made packages that you can access with just one click.

Our talented entertainers, nicknamed “Ants” and “Ant Colonels,” are carefully trained at the start of each season and receive a thorough briefing on the specific needs and desires of our clients. With a 24/7 HR support team, you can rest assured that your entertainment needs will be met. If any of our overseas staff members are unavailable for more than 72 hours, we will promptly provide a replacement to ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved. Join us and let’s create incredible stays together!

“At Hotelants, we invest in our staff through our comprehensive training program, the Hotelants Academy.

As part of our recruitment strategy, we provide a five-day training course that covers a variety of important topics, including:
– incident and accident reactions
– child awareness
– health and safety in the tourism industry
– professional relations with hoteliers and tourism professionals
– programmatic and shows
– customer satisfaction company guidelines and code of conduct.
– sports and arts and crafts.

Our goal is to ensure that our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to provide exceptional entertainment experiences to our clients.”

Unique creativity & Eco friendly 

Every day is an important day to create memories but if you can add an extra-Ecological atmosphere than you reach nearly the perfection. That’s one of the most important objective within the Hotelants Group. 

Animation Departements 
– Childcare
– Daytime/Evening Time 
– PR/Contact 
– Showtimes 
Type of animation services  
*Teen & Adults programs 
*PR & Social Media anims 
*Pro Coaches 
*Evening shows 

Get your animation team ready for your next season : info@hotelants.com


Hotelants Senior Entertainment Services offer. 

Hotelants provide an unique entertainment experiences to residents & seniors resorts.This unique experience is only available in Belgium (BENELUX). This services is supported by formed employees. 
All information regarding activity, price or health and safety: 
Please contact info@Hotelants.com
Download here our activity manual.

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